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What exactly does iprocess consultants do?

We provide a holistic, global and unbiased view of your company, designed specifically for you by means of a comprehensive Wellness Check assessment.  With your responses to the questions, we identify areas and/or gaps where your business can improve and see remarkable results.  Next, we employ our best and brightest to begin working the steps towards improvement based on priorities and cash flow.

What exactly does iprocess consultants do?

iprocess consulting provides both a superior product and comprehensive service in the Wellness Check for your company and the “7 Step System.
A customized analysis, or Wellness Check, of your business will show if there are gaps in the day-to-day process / procedures.  The ”7 Step System” is a step by step program where we coach and walk with you through each step filling in the gaps with process and quality improvement.

Is there a charge for a Wellness Check?

The Wellness Check gives you a thorough insight into all the areas of your business therefore yes; there is a fee for this valuable information! Without a wellness check, it’s difficult for you as the owner, president or manager to REALLY know where your business stands and the areas that, if improved, will propel you to the next level.  Given where your business could be, this is a small investment as you plan to grow and see dramatic, improved results.

Who are your clients? 

National and internationally owned businesses, most often independent, seeking growth, improvement and stronger results.

What is the main goal for iprocess consultants?

To sponsor and implement a clearly defined program in addition to our existing “7 Step System“, which will counsel and assist businesses to implement the steps necessary to succeed in the US, Canadian and International marketplaces.

What does your business offer that is unique from another consulting agency? 

Our “7 Step System” is a unique and proven implementation program designed to walk side by side with the client through the steps to growth and improvement.  With our Wellness Check and 7 Step System, we aren’t in the business of making proposals with theory.  We have the expertise and experience to create the vision and see it thru to implementation and gain the results a business owner is seeking.

What types of results do your clients experience?

Increased efficiency, increased profits, lower costs,  new and/or improved processes and procedures, clearly defined business plans, vision & mission statements that are realistic and attainable, a clear and concise road map for implementation and the ability to co-create a business GPS “Global Philosophy & Structure.”

What is the fee structure of iprocess consultants?

iprocess consulting remains committed at all times to cash flow situation of every client we serve.  We diligently and carefully work within your budget and cash flow.  Our clients find a cost savings using iprocess consulting given the steps and improvements far outweigh the financial investment to achieve those results.  Our goal is to save you money and make a difference in your business.

You invested in your business! Don’t try to do it ALL by yourself….. LEVERAGE EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Let us co-create your Business GPS  “Global Philosophy & Structure”  and lead your company and employees in the direction of your company vision.


“Empowering Your Business Potential”