A Powerful Combination of Experience, Knowledge, Capability, Dedication and Focus guaranteed to take your company to the next level.

Barbara Heggarty, Founder

As a result of over 25 years experience, mentorship and personal development, Barbara has perfected her ability to sense intuitively what your business needs.  She is able to quickly receive information and has developed the necessary channel to take this information and move immediately to decision making, execution and problem solving. She makes it her mission to have all businesses operating in a “Drama Free” environment!

Barbara has enjoyed assisting businesses to grow, thrive and venture into new areas of operating. She confidently leads her clients to new heights of success through her proven and practical methods such as strategic and tactical organization planning, employing sound accountability techniques, assertive client development, effective financial planning, cost control measures, risk management, executive and team coaching, efficient budget planning, and increasing the bottom-line.     

Barbara  compliments her outstanding consulting with a generous dose of Irish Wit and Charm.  She brings workable, management systems that are simple, practical, clear, and systematic and delivers outstanding results for her clients. Consulting in the United States, Canada and Ireland; small to medium corporations sing her praises and call her their ‘angel’.  Barbara’s remarkable business acumen is rare in this world; her extraordinary talents make her one of the top business intuitives’ to know and consult with.

Mission: “To improve our clients’ ability to manage change and implement success strategies”

​"Empowering Your Business Potential"