Is This Your Problem?

 Has running your business become a hassle, a burden?  You’re no longer excited to go to work?  The gratification you felt when you first started your business, has dissipated and things just aren’t the same.  You don’t jump out of bed each morning raring to go.  In fact, you want to roll over, pull the covers […]

How do you control excessive social media

How Do You Control the Cost of Excessive Social Media Use By Employees? To say that social media is on the rise would probably be the understatement of the century.  With the click of a button or the touch of your finger, you can have access to social media anytime and anywhere.  The workplace is no […]

Measure production

How Do You Measure the Level of Production from Employees? Depending on the type of business you own, measuring the production level of an employee can be challenging.  If you are unable to measure production, your bottom line may be suffering. Even if your company is doing well, you may be leaving money on the […]

Sick days and the bottom line

How Does Too Many Employee Sick Days Affect Your Bottom Line? Unless your business is a nonprofit, you’re in business to make money.  Nothing hurts your bottom line more than a loss of productivity.  According to a study performed by the Integrated Benefits Institute, missed work days has cost corporations more than half a trillion dollars […]